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KuTtYStaff Application form

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What are the requirements for Staff Member?
Active Member has very little requirements that are needed to obtain the rank but please note; just because you meet all the listed requirements doesn't mean you're guaranteed to be accepted. Staff do not need to justify why you were declined, it's your job to figure out why and how to become more likely to be accepted. Here is a list of soft requirements:
  • At least  8 to 10 hrs online time Every day
  • At least 100 to 200 Messages in main (active user)
  • A warning level of 0%
  • why u want be staff ?
  • what u did for chat
  • at least bring 10 peoples to chatroom (need name list) we will check
  • u punish peoples personal issue ? (kick,mute,ban)
Fill this and reply on thread ... 
[Image: banner.jpg]
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