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Stupid lesbians ruining your chat

Every person who is male that comes online in your chat is harassed by all the stupid lesbians in your chatroom. then they abuse their power by muting or kicking them.
They are running off every male who comes into the chatroom by cursing them out and harassing them.

They need to be punished or removed, or they need to move themselves into the Lesbian room so no male has to bother them.

They're annoying and destroying your chat from getting people and staying. They're all annoying bitches too, arguing with every male who joins the chat.
I've seen alot of new people join the chat, and these stupid lesbians about 5 of them start cursing them and telling them to leave and harassing them until they quit

can you provide screenshots  ...
[Image: banner.jpg]

Do you have any screen shots or evidence to support these accusations?

but one things is true i am also seen something on main why lesbian users wont use lesbian room ????

still this question on my mind ...............
[Image: banner.jpg]

I have tried to tell female users to not exclude the mail users and to treat them like they do everyone else. And if all the female users use a different room that will leave the main room empty and no one else stays. I also haven't seen any of the female users treating Mel's like that recently the few that word seem to be gone now

Umm to be honest I don't know what to say I'm a male I do know people complain sometimes but it's not as bad as it used to be.

I'm sorry I can't help it but TrashLesbians what is your username here?

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